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Warwick Store Hours

Summer 2018

Monday - Friday:

8:15am - 3:30pm



Important Dates: 

August 9: Buyback 9am-6:30pm

August 13: Campus store closed

August 20: Fall 2018 sales begin

in-store & online

August 27: Fall 2018 Financial Aid Begins

August 27: Evening Hours Begin

September 3: Campus Store Closed

September 8: Campus store open


September 15: Campus store open





Faculty Resources & Information

Important Faculty Dates at the Bookstore

October 31: Spring textbook adoptions due date
April 1: Fall & Summer textbook adoptions due date

When you submit your book orders on time to the bookstore, it allows us to buy the book(s) back from your students during book buybacks and allows us more time in procuring used books, which are less expensive for your students.


Answers to Faculty's Frequently Asked Questions on:

Faculty Center Network

The Faculty Center Network is THE resource for faculty to review college-level textbooks and make informed decisions about textbook adoption.

Inside the Faculty Center Network (FCN), users can search or browse over 125,000 textbooks. For each textbook, we have author information and author biographies, cover images, book summaries, tables of contents, sample chapters and prefaces, and links to book supplements available to students.

In addition, FCN cross-references textbooks with previous editions, and FCN offers extensive publisher information. On a title-by-title basis, FCN provides publisher reviews and links to the publisher's Web site for additional supplemental information. And with each title, FCN provides publisher contact information for users if they want to request a professional review copy. This information is different from the publisher information database, which includes publisher address, phone number and e-mail addresses for key personnel.

The two key features of the Faculty Center are the subject ranking and book usage data, and the FC Notebook. MBS has taken its demand data from over 3,000 wholesale accounts and devised a way to show how often textbooks are adopted; and rank textbooks by subject category. The FC Notebook is similar to the "Wish List" feature you find at some retail sites. With the Notebook, you can produce an adoptions list to bring to your campus bookstore for ordering purposes. Or, you can create a list of the titles that you would like to request a professional review copy.


All Triple A Sales

are Final