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Important Dates: 

August 14: Bookstore Closed 

August 21: Fall '17 sales online and in-store begin

August 28: Bookstore extended hours begin

August 28: Fall '17 Student financial aid begins

September 4: Bookstore Closed 

September 5: Fall 2017 Classes Begin

September 9: Bookstore open 8:30am-12pm

September 16: Bookstore open 8:30am-12pm

September 22: Student Financial Aid and Refund Period End

Warwick Store Hours

 Summer 2017 Hours

Monday- Friday 8:15am -  3:30pm


Monthly pass   $35.00 student discounted price – limit one per month


10 Ride Pass    $10.00 student discounted price – limit 2 per transaction/4 per month


RIDE Ticket       $2.00 student discounted price – limit 20 tickets per transaction





The CCRI Student Commuting Fee entitles enrolled students, who are taking classes in the current semester, to discounted RIPTA passes.  

 A student id and current semester schedule are required for all bus pass purchases.


Monthly Pass – an eligible student may purchase one monthly pass each month. 

A student making this purchase is not eligible to purchase any other type of pass for that monthly time period.


10 Ride pass - limited to 2 per transaction/4 per month.  Certain exceptions may apply – see the bookstore office staff for more details.


RIDE ticket (reservation ticket) – these tickets are used for the ADA – RIDE program.  Limit 20 per transaction. 

Certain exceptions may apply – see the bookstore office staff for more details.


Bus pass purchases are being reviewed on a monthly basis. 

Any violations to this policy will be sent to the student disciplinary committee.


All Triple A Sales

are Final