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Warwick Store Hours

 Fall 2017 Hours

Monday- Thursday 8:15am -  7pm

Friday 8:15am - 3:30pm


Important Dates: 

September 22: Student Financial Aid and Refund Period End

October 9: Bookstore Closed

November 13: Bookstore Closed

November 23: Bookstore Closed 

November 27: No Refund Policy Begins

Bookstore Financial Aid Credit Information

  • Charge period for the FALL "17" session begins 8/28/17 and ends 9/22/17.
  • Bookstore credit balance is based on your anticipated financial aid award and registered credits.
  • Student ID card and/or class schedule with photo I.D. are required to charge.
  • You are allowed to charge textbooks, reference books, school supplies and computer accessories.
  • Changes to your enrollment may affect the amount of credit available. Recent changes may take 24 hours to reflect at the register.

For more information about Fall 2017 Financial Aid  

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All Triple A Sales

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