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Warwick Store Hours

Fall 2018 

Monday - Thursday:

8:15am - 7pm


8:15am - 3:30pm



Important Dates: 

September 21st: Last day for Refunds and SFA

October 8th: Bookstore Closed

November 6th: Bookstore Closed

November 12th: Bookstore Closed

November 22nd: Bookstore Closed

December 13th - 21st: Textbook Buyback

December 20th: Last Day of Fall Extended Hours

December 21st: Fall Rental Books Due

December 25th: Bookstore Closed



What is textbook buyback?


Textbook buyback is a bookstore-sponsored event that takes place at the end of the term in an effort to recycle titles that will be used in the future. Buyback is a triple-win situation where current students get cash for selling their books, bookstores get in-demand used titles to put on their shelves, and future students are offered money-saving used editions next term. Buying and selling used books benefits everyone involved by cutting costs and reducing the environmental strain of additional textbook printing.

What determines which books are being bought back and how much cash you'll receive for them?

Whether or not the book is being used next term
The condition of the book
Whether or not there is a new edition of the book
Course enrollment numbers for next term
Whether or not the book has all of its pieces (CDs, kits, etc., if applicable)

Give me some pricing examples.

If the bookstore needs your book for its own inventory:   If the bookstore doesn't need your book, but it is needed nationally:
If you bought your book new, we will pay up to 50%. If you bought it used, we will pay up to 67%, provided that it is in salable condition.

Example: If you bought a new book for $100, we will pay you up to $50. If it was used when you bought it and cost $75, we will pay up to $50.
  For books not needed on your campus but having national demand, up to 35% of the new book price may be paid. These books are shipped to other universities. Old editions have no value.

Example: If you bought a new book for $100, we will pay you up to $35.

Why should I sell to the bookstore?


Recently, private companies and websites have gotten involved in buying back textbooks. These third-part and online buyers claim to give students more money back for their books, but that's not the case, nor does it take into consideration that the payment is not instant, not cash, and that students may have to spend time and money shipping their books to the buyer. Know the deal up front and don't take chances with your money: in terms of buyback payment and service, these third parties can't beat your school's bookstore.

  Buyback at School Bookstore Selling Books to Online Buyers
Cash Payment  
On-the-Spot Payment  
Guaranteed Funds  
Buyer Takes Books Immediately  
Packing and Mailing Hassle  
Upfront Shipping Charges  

Before you sell your books, understand all costs and benefits.

How do I maximize my buyback dollars?


First and foremost, arrive at buyback early. The longer you wait to sell your books, the greater the chance that the bookstore will already have enough copies and not need yours.

To get the most for your books, make sure they have no:   If your books came as part of a set or package, be sure to bring:
  • Water damage
  • Writing
  • Excessive damage
  • Missing pages
  • CDs
  • Study guides
  • Models
  • Workbooks
  • Cassette tapes
  • Lab manuals
  • Practice tests


All Triple A Sales

are Final