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Warwick Store Hours

Summer 2018

Monday - Friday:

8:15am - 3:30pm



Important Dates: 

August 9: Buyback 9am-6:30pm

August 13: Campus store closed

August 20: Fall 2018 sales begin

in-store & online

August 27: Fall 2018 Financial Aid Begins

August 27: Evening Hours Begin

September 3: Campus Store Closed

September 8: Campus store open


September 15: Campus store open




How to create an account on the CCRI Bookstore website:

  1. Go to the URL-
  2. Select the campus where your course is being held (once registered at one campus, you will be registered to purchase at all 4 campuses)
  3. Click on "Login" which is located on the bottom of left side bar. Next, click on the Register Here link.
  4. Click on "create profile for browsing and shopping"
  5. Complete the information form and click on "Register" at the bottom of page. The login and password will need to be remembered in order to view textbooks and order.

Purchasing textbooks on the CCRI Bookstore website:

  1. Go to the URL- .
  2. Click on the campus location where your course/courses are being held. (If taking classes at various locations you will need to purchase through each location you are attending.)
  3. Click on the word “TEXTBOOKS” in the upper left hand corner. Read textbook policy and click on "I agree" link and select appropriate Term and select Dept needed, i.e., ARTS, ACCT, ADNU etc. All departments on class schedules at same location may be selected at the same time
  4. Click on "TERM”, then select your department, then select course and section number. (MAKE SURE THAT YOUR COURSE AND SECTION NUMBER ARE CORRECT, AS THERE MAY BE MORE THAN ONE SECTION!)
  5. Click again on "GET COURSE MATERIALS”. The next page will show all books that have been selected. Textbooks automatically default to the new price. If you select your preference as used books and we are able to fill the book accordingly, you will be charged used price. Students need to know that we cannot guarantee the availability of used books.
  6. At this point the student can print out the book list OR
  7. Click on "Add to cart"
  8. Choose the preference of book and select action to take. (If you select Used or New only, we will only fill accordingly. If we only have new or used in stock we will not substitute unless authorized. If you would like us to fill your order with the books that are available, please request used or new preferred in your preference.)
  9. Click agreement box
  10. Select billing and shipping address (Please note we are unable to ship to P.O. Boxes)
  11. Select tender type Students that wish to have the books shipped to them may choose this option.

Orders will take at least 24-48 business hours to fill, and the student will receive an email confirmation on the order status.

Students picking up their order at the store will receive an email specifying their order is ready to be picked up.



All Triple A Sales

are Final